Drag Chain

Enclosed Type Wire Tracking Cable Carrier Drag Chain

Drag chain, also known as cable carrier, is a device that binds cables or wires, air pressure pipes and oil pressure pipes to facilitate their rotation and movement.

Drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machine, manipulator, lifting and transportation equipment, automated warehouse, etc.

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Drag Chain, bridge, and enclosed type
Nylon PA66 /Reinforce PA
Cable Chain
Product Name:
HQ HF series flexible bridge and Enclosed type cable carrier
Protected Cable
Combined Chain
Machine Tools Accessories
Protect Wires
Temperature range:
Bend radius:
CE /ISO9001 /SGS
Place of origin:
Item NO. Bending radius Crossbar radius Inner height*Inner width Outer height*Outer width pitch Weight per meter
HF38 enclosed type plastic cable chain 150/200 75 39.5*76 65*108 70 2.97kg/m
100 39.5*101 65*133 3.3kg/m
HF48 enclosed type plastic cable chain 150/200/250/280/400 150 45.9*151 74*185 80 4.10kg/m
200 45.9*201 74*235 4.76kg/m
300 45.9*301 74*335 6.2kg/m
HF58 enclosed type plastic cable chain 200/250/300/400 150 57.5*150.2 89.76*190.2 90 4.47kg/m
200 57.5*200.2 89.76*240.2 5.33kg/m
250 57.5*250.2 89.76*250.2 5.86kg/m
300 57.5*300.2 89.76*300.2 6.39kg/m
HF68 enclosed type plastic cable chain  200/250/300/400/500 130 68*130.2 98.45*173.2 100 5.85kg/m
150 68*150.2 98.45*193.2 6kg/m
200 68*200.2 98.45*243.2 6.55kg/m
300 68*300.2 98.45*343.2 8.5kg/m

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