Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains for paper roll

Conveyor chains is widely used in Food,Forest Paper,Logistics Transportation,Packaging Machinery,Building Materials Machinery ,Environmental Protection and other other industries.

Typical products:
short pitch roller chain, double pitch conveyor chain, free flow chain, wood conveyor chain, long pitch conveyor chain, meat production line conveyor chain, food packaging machinery chain, hollow pin chain and accessories.

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● The paper roll conveying chain is a special conveying chain for the paper processing industry, which can provide various top plates with surface protection treatment according to working conditions; The main products are the P63 series and the P63.5 series.

● The product has high strength, stable operation, and low noise using high-quality materials and advanced processing technology.

Typical product structure:

1) P63 series conveyor chain for paper roll

2) P63.5 series conveyor chain for paper roll


(1) Forest Paper Industry

The forest paper industry uses a large number of chains in afforestation, logging, rough processing of logs, deep processing of wood, pulp preparation, paper making, and other production activities, mainly involving wood processing machinery, wood-based panel equipment, paper-making equipment, etc., for transmitting power and conveying products and materials.


Chain for wood conveying and processing machinery: with high strength and wear resistance;

Chain for wood-based panel equipment: with stable operation, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance,, and fatigue resistance;

Chain for papermaking equipment: it has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, stable operation, and good protection;

Main products:

Chains for wood conveying and processing machinery: short pitch precision roller chain, sharp tooth chain, wood conveying chain, etc.

Chains for wood-based panel equipment: hot-pressing plate conveyor chain and density board stacking conveyor chain.

Chain for papermaking equipment: paper roll conveying chain, etc.