Drag Chains

Drag chain, also known as cable carrier, is a device that binds cables or wires, air pressure pipes and oil pressure pipes to facilitate their rotation and movement.

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Scope of application


1. The utility model is suitable for reciprocating motion occasions, and can play the role of traction and protection for the built-in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, etc.
2. Each section of the chain can be opened for easy installation and maintenance. It has low noise, wear resistance and can move at high speed.
3. Drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machine, manipulator, lifting and transportation equipment, automated warehouse, etc.


Drag chain type

Drag chain is divided into steel drag chain and plastic drag chain. Steel drag chain is made of steel and aluminum, which can be customized. Plastic drag chain is also called engineering plastic drag chain and tank chain. Drag chain can be divided into three types: bridge type drag chain, fully closed type drag chain and semi closed type drag chain. Rectangular metal hose, protective sleeve, bellows and metal hose can also be included in drag chain protection and mobile power supply products.


Drag chain application

Drag chain is used in reciprocating motion, which can pull and protect the built-in cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, etc. Drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, glass machinery, injection molding machine manipulator, handling machinery, plastic machinery, lifting equipment, woodworking machinery, automobile industry, industrial vehicles, metal processing machines, machine tools, casting machinery, port equipment and other industries.

Structure of plastic drag chain


The unit chain link is composed of left and right chain plates and upper and lower cover plates. Each section of the drag chain can be opened, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly, without threading. After opening the cover plate, the cable, oil pipe, gas pipe and water pipe can be put into the drag chain.

Steel aluminum drag chain can be divided into TL type, TGA type and TGB type.

Plastic drag chain can be divided into heavy and light.

The drag chain is shaped like a tank chain, which is composed of many unit links, and the links can rotate freely.

The inner height, outer height and pitch of the same series of drag chains are the same, and the inner width and bending radius r of the drag chain can be selected differently.

Each section of the towline can be designed to be opened for easy installation and maintenance. Low noise, wear resistance, high speed movement.

In addition, a separator can be provided to separate the space in the chain as needed.


Material: reinforced nylon, with high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity and wear resistance, flame retardant, stable performance at high and low temperature, can be used outdoors.


Resistance: resistant to oil, salt, acid and alkali.The specific speed and acceleration depend on the operation condition, and the operation life is long.



The operating speed and acceleration depend on the operating conditions. The result of light weight and smooth operation is that the cabaret towline can run at a high speed over a long distance, and can accelerate and stop in an emergency.

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Drag Chain History



In 1953, Professor Gilbert warninger of Germany invented the world’s first steel towline. Waldrich, the holder of kabelschlepp, which was founded in 1954 in sigen, Germany, thinks that towline is a brand new market, which can create huge demand and begin to promote the first towline to the market. A concept more than 60 years ago created a huge market.
The first original steel towline model has been developed into a variety of steel and plastic towlines, which are widely used in many fields. Kabelschlepp company invented the first injection molded plastic towline in 1967, and successfully created more firsts: Portable towline, 3D towline and connectionless towline.
As of 2007, there are more than seven global manufacturers, including fesma, murrplastik, igus igus, chunamoto kabelschlepp, Metro, m buttkereit, gortrac and Cavotec. In 2010, TSUBAKI merged the company, and now TSUBAKI kabelschlepp.

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